Retail Market to Lure Shoppers through Mobile Apps

There is clearly no doubt shopping is way beyond just a creating a purchase. It’s a process everyone has to go though—or survive through, especially when discount sales are put up front. To shop, a consumer has to go to a store to make a purchase, which typically involves long waiting lines. After which you get to come home with your handy purchase with you.

The recent developments in technology, however, have painted a new face to shopping. With the use of different mobile applications, consumers are able to make their purchase through simple clicks on their smartphones without the hassle of standing in long lines.

The disruption in the traditional path-to-purchase shoppers used to trek on has created an overwhelming effect on retail market.

Mobile shopping has not only drawn people to it because of its offering on convenience. It has given shoppers to gain more control over their time and decision-making. Shoppers are boosted with the new ability to gather information necessary to manage their shopping better, easily check on the availability of products, get the first peek on special offers, and being able to easily change their shopping decisions at a moment’s prompt. Mobile shopping applications have paved new ways for consumers to try out new ways and places to shop.

Promises of online shopping

To get a better view on how mobile shopping applications lure nearly half (47%) of the total American smartphone users, check out these four applications that have impacted consumers and the retail market alike.

  • ShopSavvy is available for iPhone, Android, and Widows phone. The application allows users to find the best prices of items—both online and in stores. It comes as a barcode scanner and also allows purchases from online stores like Walmart, Target, and Nest Buy. In addition, users are allowed to create their personal product wish list with user reviews available for each of them.
  • is an iPhone app designed exclusively for the shopping of electronic gadgets. It does not only offer its users the price comparisons but also provides instant price predictions and a graph of the item’s history of pricing. That way, consumers are given the idea what should be son best—to buy the product or linger a little longer.
  • Dealnews works as a bargain-finding phone application. It is available for both iPhone and Android. It tips its users on the latest bargain deals and also provides alert once the product the consumer is eyeing on hits the bottom price.
  • The Coupons App is all about amazing deals and freebies. The application serves as a coupon widget and gas price comparison. In addition, it allows its users to save the coupons. The coupons are redeemed by showing the phone to the cashier. This is open for both iPhone and Android users.

A new twist in retail shopping

With the unstoppable growing trend of mobile shopping, the retail market sure has a lot to catch up on. If the traditional industry basically grew on the use of TV commercials, posters, flyers, it would surely not hurt even a bit to incorporate the advancements of technology into their realm.

Recently, retailers have taken a step towards luring people away from online shopping and back to the good ol’ traditional way. With the recent Black Friday event, shopping would undoubtedly be crazy with all the number of people clamouring over the items on sale. But retailers have provided shoppers a more sane experience to physical shopping.

Several shopping destinations have used technology as their tool for their consumers to better plan their shopping, get a better view on the prices, and get an edge over parking lot spaces. From different malls, shoppers were given advantage on knowing which stores offered the best Black Friday special, up-to-date news on traffic, specials, and timely alerts on special deals.

This new move made has opened a new opportunity for the retail market, sure there are tons more to do in order for them to reclaim their avid customers back on their side. But most importantly, what retailers have to promote is the life there is in physical shopping that online shopping cannot provide them with. It’s one advantage they have that needs only a little more polishing to get back what they used to have.

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