How important is the age of Domain?

When we search online, we trust the sites that are visible for a longer period of time than those which have just started being online. You have got an idea what we are going to discuss today for the age of your domain on Google search engine. Having a registered domain to represent your venture in a presentable way is very important. Many new and old companies are registering their domain to have more visibility and for the longer span of time.

The second most important point is what is the age of your domain and why you choose only that specific time for your domain? There will be many answers and queries in your mind about that and to end those queries here are some important points that need to be remembered.

  • Register your domain for a longer period of time. There will be people who will be suggesting to initiate by registering the domain name for two or three years or less that but this the indication to your viewers that you are not the one to trust. It is a suggestion to have at least a time period of 5 years or more than that as you are not one of those who are going to disappear after two three months. This will boost your score for the future trustworthy domain.
  • Register a domain name before finding an urge in you to have the domain name. There are many people who buy the domain name and left it with a tag of “Under construction” as this help them to get the visibility quickly than the people who are struggling with registering a domain name after setting their business fully. Make people habitual of visiting your domain name with a catchy domain name.
  • Purchasing a pre owned website is a more lucrative option than owing a new one. Pre-owned domain name will save you to from “sandbox effect” of a new website on Google and will allow to be gifted with the Page rank that is long term task. Sometimes pre-owned websites are more expensive than the new domains as this serves you with a page rank but it is still not a bad option to send a quality amount for the domain.
  • Keep track of your domain age by visiting Domain Age Tool regularly. It is the easiest process to keep record of your competitors by knowing their age limit and how they looked at the initial stage.

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